Tax Incentives

We conduct audits to identify tax savings in the following areas:

       Property taxes

        Payroll based incentives

​       Cost segregation​     Workers Opportunity Tax Credit

Retirement Planning

After we identify thousands in savings, we can assist with planning for retirement. We refer retirement clients to Iron Mountain Financial, a registered investment advisor.

Our Partners

We are always looking for innovative ways to save businesses money. Check out our current partners.

As a business owner, most of your concern is making the best use of your resources to make the most profit possible and doing it in the most ethical, legal, and moral way you can. However, there are two parts to net profit: income and expenses. We look at the expense side of the equation to positively impact your bottom line. By reducing your expenses, we can have a dramatic effect on your company’s overall profit margin. The best part of our processes is that most of them cost you nothing until we save you money.

We make recommendations and in some cases, do the work for you, to realize substantial savings.  We do not ask you to switch vendors, only to implement our recommendations.

Specialized tax incentives and cost reduction strategies


Cost Reduction

We conduct audits to identify savings in the following areas:Credit card transactions

Waste and recycling

Workers comp insurance

Parcel shipping